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Element Fire Extinguisher

Element Fire Extinguishers

Typical fire extinguishers are often heavy, bulky, and require two hands to operate. A 5 lb. bottle has about an 11 second discharge, usually leaves a mess behind, and requires service and maintenance. Element fire extinguishers are up to 80 percent smaller with almost five times the discharge time and are service-free.

Every second counts when fighting a fire. Element fire extinguishers are easy to use, start fast, and last longer, providing you with more fire-fighting time. They are non-pressurized, potassium nitrate-based units that fight fire on a molecular level, making them safer to use, mess-free, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly.

Element fire extinguishers are available in two models, the E50 Professional and the E100 Industrial. Both include extinguisher with high visibility striker and cap and one mounting clip.

The E50 is the most popular model, offering 50 seconds of fire-fighting protection, about four times longer than a 5 lb. bottle. It is recommended for professional use (automotive, powersports, garage, marine, etc.) and are internationally tested and certified.

The E100 offers a 100-second discharge, more than eight times that of a 5 lb. bottle. They are recommended for industrial use in factories, fabrication, and welding, as well as for police, military, emergency personnel, and more.

Additional features of both Element models:

* Compact and easy to use

* Large images on unit guide user through easy 4-step activation process

* Zero pressure discharge--will not spread oil and liquid fires

* Safe and maintenance-free--no moving parts or compressed gas to ever service and never expires

* Weatherproof--unaffected by extreme temperatures, humidity, or vibration, will not freeze

* Safe to store in wet environments

* Element can safely be stored in hot climates

* Fights all major fire classes:

-- Wood, coal, and trash

-- Flammable liquids and gases

-- Electrical up to 100,000 V

-- Cooking oil and grease

Element 50