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 Appraisal Services 

What We Offer

Classic Auto Appraisal LLC specializes in providing professional inspections for vintage vehicles as well as special interest modern vehicles. Our full appraisal work includes a five-page report consisting of a cover page, a detailed components and conditions page, and a full-color picture page.

Our appraisals start at a low cost of $299 and with quick turnaround times, please see fees chart below. Additionally, our industry experience is based on hands-on work since we live the lifestyle of actual classic car owners. We assist clients anywhere in the New England region and across the continental US. For more information, contact us today!

Appraisal Fees:

Basic Appraisal $349

Motorcycle Appraisal $349

Custom Car or Motorcycle Appraisal $375

Prior to Loss Appraisal $399

Pre-purchase Appraisal $399

Diminished Value Appraisal $449

All appraisals include travel (up to 25 miles), we offer a $50 discount if you come to our location in Brentwood, NH.

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